• HYDRATION IS POWER - The OSMO Active Hydration formula contains the optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes and is flavored with real fruit to replace body water and power you through your workout..
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE - Based on peer-reviewed science, our formula contains an optimized ratio of natural and functional ingredients to increase power output and improve endurance..
  • OPTIMIZED FLUID INTAKE - OSMO Active Hydration is optimized to work with your fluid intake system to help delay fatigue, maximize cardiovascular efficiency while simultaneously reducing cramping..
  • FASTEST BODY-WATER REPLACEMENT - Our drink mix has been developed to be the fastest way to replace body-water orally..
  • USAGE - Mix Active with your during-workout water and drink throughout your exercise. Everybody is different, so we recommend starting with 20 oz. of Active Hydration per hour of exercise. When you work out, see how you feel and adjust accordingly..
  • Imported from USA.
OSMO Active Hydration is a during-exercise hydration drink developed by pioneering scientist Dr. Stacy Sims. OSMO Active Hydration has been developed to optimize hydration, using sucrose and glucose with sodium. As body-water drops, so does aerobic power; by the time you’re thirsty you’re already about 2% below optimal body water, which can result in an 11% reduction in max power output. OSMO combats this problem head-on by rehydrating you the fastest way possible, boosting power and performance. Active Hydration was developed to be the fastest way to rehydrate during exercise. The benefits include: replacing lost body water with an optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes, reduces cramps, delays fatigue, and boosts endurance and power. Feel Great. Be Great.

OSMO Nutrition - Active Hydration - During-Exercise Hydration Powdered Drink Mix - Fastest Way to Rehydrate - Improves Power Output & Endurance - Orange - 24 Single Servings

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