• Safe and easy Home Blood Typing Kit - now with extra lancet.
  • Results in minutes at home for anyone who wants to determine their blood type and Rhesus factor.
  • Perfect for those interested in Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet.
  • Read instructions carefully before you begin for accurate results.
  • Each Blood Typing Kit is good for one use (enough for 1 test for a single individual).
  • Imported from USA.
Results in minutes with our Home Blood Typing Kit. Performing the test is easy. After first cleaning with the supplied alcohol prep pad, the finger is lanced with the sterile disposable lancet. The finger is massaged and a drop of blood is placed on top of each of the four collection sticks. The sticks are then applied to the card, mixed with water, and stirred following directions. The results are then read from the card. Carefully read and follow the included instructions before beginning, and you will be rewarded with accurate results. "Perhaps it is the most important code we can decipher in our attempt to unravel the mysteries of blood and its vital role in our existence" - Dr. Peter D'Adamo on blood type, "Eat Right 4 Your Type", 1996

Original Home Blood Typing Kit - New Packaging + Extra Lancet - Single Kit