• About this item.
  • This cable is compatible with all 4 pin and 3 pin case fans !!!.
  • Sleeved in Black Braiding With a 4 Pin Female Connector at One End and Splits to 4 Male Connectors at The Other End ( 1 of them is 4pin ,3 of them is 3pin ). The fan adapter has only one connector with a yellow RPM speed/tachometer line;.
  • The Fan Splitter Connects 4 Computer Case Fans to a Single Motherboard Fan Header, Compatible With 4 Pin and 3 Pin PMW Fan Connector.
  • The Fan Splitter Cable Provide Additional Fan to increase Airflow in Your Computer Case.
  • The length of the product (Approx): 10,5 inches, Color: Black -- 4 pin extension cable Link -
  • Imported from USA.
PWM Fan Splitter Cable Y Splitter Computer Pc Fan Power Cable 1 to 4 Ways, Black Sleeved Braided Specifications: Product Length: 10,5 inches Wire Model: 1007 24 awg Insulation Material: PVC Insulation Conductor Specifications: 11 * 0.12ts Conductor Material: Tinned Copper Wire Diameter: OD1.4Mm Rated Temperature: 80 ℃ Wire Color: Black Product Weight: 1.5 ounces (2 Pack) Product Interface: 4Pin Connector On One End Of The Motherboard, The Other Ends Of The Fan 4Pin Interface Product Function: Make 4 Computer Fans Share One Interface Package Included: Fan Cable Splitter 2 Pack -- 4 pin extension cable HERE -

PWM Fan Splitter ,TeamProfitcom 4 pin Adapter Cable Sleeved Braided Y Splitter for Desktop Computer CPU Fan Splitter PC 4 Pin Fan Extension Power Cable 1 to 4 Converter 10 inches (2 Pack)

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